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Thabang Mandla Zwane

Director at Black Atmosphere, Software Engineer by Profession
Thabang is an incredible guy, a sheer joy to be with. He is compassionate and loving, always giving of himself to others. He enjoys deep conversation and has a great spirit. Genuine, honest and fiercely loyal, He is one of the best people to have as a friend!

He is also a passionate digital entrepreneur, computer programmer, and a creative individual. He is the co-founder of Black Atmosphere, digital publishing and distributing company.

This website, is all about his pursuits with building Blockchain decentralized applications, Agile, and the search for value - FYI, you don't search for value, you create it for yourself and your people.


Building Creative Accords

4 ways we can store and retrieve rich data on Blockchain

I am hoping that you have an idea by now what BitCoin and Ethereum are, and what they can do, but what about the technology that is supporting them? Diagram of Blockchain workflow Blockchain technology is a clear and provable system that will improve the way we exchange value and assets, administering contracts, and distributing…

Celebrating the end of the world as we know it ​

Dear Millennials, Now we are going to be the ones that will say we remember back then when VCR, Motorola V360, DVDs, and USBs were a thing and a generation that doesn’t know about a world when there was no Television, radio, or PlayStation. We read about that world in books and in its own…

What’s holding us back from success?

I finally went for that overdue haircut I have been procrastinating. On the entrance of the barbershop the price board says brush and shave cost R25, and as the barber finished cutting my hair, he charged me R20. I asked him if he did not want the extra R5 and he thought for a few…

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